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The First Blog Post August 12, 2017

Welcome to my first ever blog post announcing the launch of my personal website I have reached the point that I need to expand my outreach, establish my brand or whatever cool phrase makes doing this sound worthwhile. I have a few goals in mind and they are all selfish, so let's begin there.

I plan to do periodic posts through this blog either in written form or by use of the video blog or vlog, to show that I am current. I am going to attempt to update on my recent radio broadcasts, so the Magnolia football season will lead things off. The better they perform, the more interested people are, so let's hope they can provide some good content this year.

I may also choose to offer some information regarding my teaching career. We have some new things to implement at New Martinsville School this year and it may be worth updating people on our progress. I'll hold off until we actually get the school year underway.

The final reason I am "putting myself out there" more, as they say, is to chronicle the progress of my current manuscript, The Clemente Ball. I have been working on this for a few years and am getting more excited about it the closer I get to submission. However, I need to make many revisions, acquire an agent and hope this all leads to an eventual publication of my book. Follow along on my journey through this blog, if you wish. 

I'm sure this hasn't been a very exciting read so far and it is almost to the end. I may add a car chase scene or some type of international intrigue to the next one, so you'll want to come back and see. Leave a comment below so I can see if someone came here. You can even leave a comment that this is the most boring blog you've ever read as long as you promise to come back and see if the next one is just as boring.


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