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Solar Eclipse on the First Day of School: God vs. the Board of Education

I'm not sure who is the most to blame, God or the Board of Education. I know the county has to submit a proposed school calendar for the year in the spring that precedes it, but I think God had this eclipse scheduled for a while before that. I doubt the board ever had to consult an astrophysicist before about the schedule, so I don't blame them for not knowing. In God's defense, school traditionally started after Labor Day when I think the last eclipse came through. Maybe we'll all learn to have a little more open communication in the future so these events won't clash again.

I must confess my surprise was 15.6% of the sun would far outweigh the 84.4% coverage we saw. You could see what was going on if you used solar eclipse glasses and stared directly act the sun, but I thought the other side effects would be more noticeable. It wasn't quite as bright for such a sunny day and the temperature did drop a little. That was about it. I'll admit to being a little envious of the people in totality that went dark. I guess I'll wait until a little after 10:00 tonight and walk outside with the solar eclipse glasses on. I'll pull them off, pretend it is 2:35 PM and see if I feel any differently then. 

 Today also marks the beginning of my 29th year as a teacher. The only thing I have done longer than 29 years is breathe. I promise I'll do my best.