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The Little One Has Left the Nest

My kids are both still in college and Sherry didn't leave me. We are still one big happy family. The one who left today is my little baby that I've been sitting on for a few years. I've sent my manuscript to agents and the querying process has officially begun!

My book, THE CLEMENTE BALL, has been a journey in the making for more than four years. It's beginning was as the final project to complete my writing course for the Institute of Children's Literature. Rotator cuff surgery put that on hold for more than a year before I returned to the course and finished the first few chapters. It was then up to me to finish the job.

I had the story outlined, so it was just a matter of put the words together, or so I thought. As I wrote, I continued to research writing blogs, websites and YouTube videos. The more I learned, the more I knew what I didn't know. Edits upon edits, changes upon changes. I spent one glorious Saturday afternoon removing 238 'thats' from my manuscript. I didn't notice that that was something that I did that much. (See what I did there?)

I have carefully selected the agents receiving my submission. I've read their blogs, followed them on Twitter and Googled their names to find any article or interview where I could learn more about them. I have narrowed it down to the ones who may be my best matches, but I know rejection is inevitable. Let's hope at least one sees me as a match.

I want to thank the group of students who read my manuscript for me. They gave me feedback and let me know that I may be on to something. A couple found it boring. That's how i knew I was getting honest feedback. They got free pizza for their efforts. One former student appears to be in the running for president of my fan club, if I get published.

I also want to thank my family for their support. My son, Chase, the family IT guy, set up my website and is constantly fixing my technology issues. Most of them are user error. My daughter, Davianne, and my wife, Sherry, have read chapters as I have finished them to give me enough direction to see where I am going. They know how much I want this to happen.

And if you didn't notice, I'm blogging again. I hope to be more consistent. Feel free to remind if I'm not.


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